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Be beautiful

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Be beautiful
« on: April 21, 2007, 12:57:25 PM »

      Step 1

      1-KEEP YOUR HANDS SMELLING SWEET!hate the way your hands smell after you've chopped garlic,cooked fish or sliced onions/remove the smell by adding baking soda to your hand wash the powder will remove all odor plus smooth your hands.
      Step 2

      2-MAKE YOUR EYE SHADOW GO THE DISTANCE!eye shadow already faded by 3 p.m/try dipping your brush in a little saline solution before dipping it into your eye shadow.the solution helps the shadow adhere so it'll look fresh all day long.
      Step 3

      3-THE SECRET TO PERFECT UPDOS!messy updos and braid embeellishments are super-hot right now but how do you keep hair from falling or slipping out of place?it's best to start with hair that hasn't been washed in a day,just shampooed?apply some mousse or pomade to give [/color] your hair the texture that'll help it stick!
      Step 4

      4-CREATE YOUR OWN SCENTED LOTION!can't get enough of your favorite fragrance?give yourself a full body experience by creating your scented lotion mix a few drops of your perfume with unscented body lotion.the extra layer of fragrance and oils will make your scent last longer.
      Step 5

      5-HIDE ANY BLEMMISH!pimple pop overnight?don't worry,the latest blemish-concealing pens let you precisely cover them and heal your skin throughout the day dot the pen right over the blemish,and it should be gone in a few days.
      Step 6

      6-KEEP YOUR CURLS FRIZZ-FREE!diffusers let you blow-dry curly hair without disturbing the curl pattern don't have one handy?place a thin sock over the end of the dryer nozzle it'll disperse the air so your ringlets dry smooth,shiny and perfectly formed.[/color]
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