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Dile evindar

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Dile evindar
« on: June 17, 2007, 06:38:44 PM »
Dile evindar

Bawer bike min Hesh te ker
Bawer bike dle min to viyai
Bawer bike 3eshqa te runahiya mina
Bawer bike bite sebra min naminit ve dunyaye
Bawer bike keniya te evin u rawsha mina
Bawer bike denge te herdem sare minda
Bawer bike nave te ye dile minda
Bawer bike shew u roj to hezr u biret minda
Bawer bike kesidi shete pewe na et naf wi dile da
Bawer  bike to keti dile min da, naf baina 4 dila dan
Evina min keniya min, rawsha min, jiyana min, hami bendeste teda.
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« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2007, 11:25:16 AM »
dast xush bu van peuvu awaze te yet cuwan
dastxushiya le te dikim bu ve malpera cuwan u gash

her ya sarkaft bi insallah

slav gul sora zaxoka dalal......... :-*
love writing poems and reading
love my zaxoka dalal

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Re: Dile evindar
« Reply #2 on: June 26, 2007, 03:14:36 PM »
arkadasar bir Kurd sitesi oldugunuz icin sizi uyariyoruz ve sizde tum smf ile kurulmus Kurd sitelerine bildirin lutfen!

Quote from: db_04;17179
merhaba arkadaslar, arkadaslar smf'de acik cikmistir aslinda iki gun once cikti ama size soylemek icin vaktim olmadi, fazla gec olmadan size haber vereyim..

Lutfen SMF ile kurulmus tum Kurd sitelerini uyarin ve upgrade etmek icin iletisime gecin!
Gerekli dosyalar ve SMF surumleri; buradan download edebilirsiniz:
Download SMF 1.1.3

detayli aciklama :
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In this release, a few small security issues have been addressed. Also, a few bugs that were found have been fixed.
We urge all users to upgrade to SMF 1.1.3 as soon as possible to take advantage of these fixes. A summary of the fixes is as follows:
  • Sending newsletters could cause a timeout on large boards.
  • Reporting a personal message needed some more sanitation.
  • Session fixation could, in rare cases, be applied - reported by David Vieira-Kurz.
  • Prevent recursive functions from causing a stack overflow in PHP - reported by Stefan Esser.
  • Fixed a bug causing some expressions to trigger an error in UTF-8 mode.
  • Quick edit wasn't updating the subject correctly if it was the first message.
  • The package manager could in rare cases get itself into a loop.
  • Characters weren't properly escaped in  parts of the signature
  • Quick edit didn't check whether a topic was being locked
For users currently running SMF 1.1.2, upgrading could not be easier. Simply log into your forum and visit your admin center - a notice should inform you an update is available. Follow the instructions to patch your release - this should not generally affect any modifications, language packs or themes you have installed. Alternatively download the attached patch file and upload to your "Packages" directory and visit the package manager to install this fix.
If you cannot upgrade using the package manager please follow the instructions posted in the Online Manual about installing and upgrading.
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