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The little yellow blob roams around a maze being spooked by ghosts and popping pills. No wonder this game's staggeringly addictive.

Shuriken Assault

The ninjas are back to kick some card throwing a$$. Kick theirs before they kick yours!!

Shruiken Assault
Alien Homid

Alien Hominid

You play as an alien who has crash landed on earth. Get moving before the FBI gets you in this side scrolling shoot em up game.?


An awesome bowling game. Up to 4 players! Can you score a perfect 300

Snk Bowling
Galatic Tennis

Galactic Tennis

This is basically a sort of 3d pong type game. Tons of levels with various difficulties. Just try this game out!

Hide Stuff

This is a fun little game. The object is to hide various objects in your room before your parents find out. Must Play!

Hide Stuff
Slack Man

Slack Man

Your a slacker employee out to collect all the doughnuts before your boss finds out, but watch out for the snitch. Scan your butt on the photo copiers for extra points!

Gunny Bunny

You play as a crazed bunny out for revenge in this 3d action shooter. Pick up weapons and power-ups while fighting off crazed enemys.

Gunny Bunny
Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving

Create your own digital jack-o-lantern. Rawr!

Hitman 2 Christmas

Its you versus the bad little elves in this shoot-em up game. Who will win, you or the Elves?

Hitman Christmas

Boring Meeting

Test your paper ball throwing skills by throwing them towards a fan to try and make it in the waste basket. This is a very addicting little game.


It's evolution at its finest. Become the biggest and baddest fish in the ocean by eating smaller fish. The more fish you eat the bigger you get.

Mini Putt Golf III

Play through 18 holes regular mini golf or play through another 18 holes of jurassic put mini golf by yourself, or with up to 3 other friends!


Jump around the trampoline doing tricks but be sure not to fall off!

El Emegrante

El Emegrante

Run Run as fast as your can. Stay away from the cops as long as you can!!

Evil Care Bears

Do you hate the Care Bears? Do you want revenge? Kill them off before they kill you!!

Evil Care Bears


This is one of the most strategic games on the net. Move your pieces to the other side of the board while trying to destroy your opponent.

The Way of the Stick

Fight off an endless supply of stick figures with your super kun fu action! Do you have the skills